THAT'S Bashbari


As a company Bashbari prefer a collaborative approach to make bamboo product design like showpieces and furniture’s that encourages our clients to develop and hone their own style and taste. We provide value to our clients by discouraging short-lived trends, opting instead for quality and timelessness. The Final make design ensures a beautiful.

Comfortable and most importantly a functional space for our clients. We recognized that the most important element in our product is the people who use them in the end. Bashbari is packed with artists; designer and expert business management who are aware of the ability of place to create positive changes in people’s lifestyle.


Bashbari is committed to the constructability of client’s ideas, translating the ideas into the reality. We have decided that our products design practice will be national and international standard . We believe it’s take special expertise to Bamboo product design outstanding look and user friendly . We will provide clients with the broadest possible range of related services and the highest possible level of expertise. We believe than the magic lies in the details. We also believe that the concept of a space will ultimately fail if it is not first understood and carried through knowledgeable and creative construction detailing and specification techniques.


Bashbari will be a leader in the bamboo product of the health and environment matter. Our work will reflect imagination and intelligence, creating exceptional space that enhance and enrich the human experience. Our finished environment will inspire those who experience them. Bashbari will use innovative approaches to Bamboo product that are essentially new ways of looking at the enduring questions of living. To accomplish this, we believe we have to be experts in what our client want. We strive to be specialist in bamboo products trends, construction cost and how the interact.


We believe in listening to our clients the translating the language to our souls into the words of a product design. We encourage sharing any visual and /or experiences to create a communication platform. A successful Production plan is one in which at completion, the client realizes their vision and goals within the space and feel as though the bamboo product design is uniquely theirs.


Bashbari sincerely provides bamboo product order and delivery almost every type of national/ international / commercial, fair pavilion/stall design, mural, terracotta, painting, sculpture, fountain which depends on clients demand and wants . We also provide consultancy, supervision and activation.


Bashbari performs All kind off bamboo product and jut rattan product design production delivery nationally internationally.


"Bashbari" is an important objective in the development of the environment and society through the creation of environmentally friendly products. works to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged, the downtrodden, the children and the street children. Art-culture is the mirror of a society so contributes to the development of art-culture.